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Hi! My name is Joshua Kercher!

My name is Joshua Kercher and I’m what the industry refers to as a lifestyle entrepreneur. More specifically, I’m a menswear designer, celebrity stylist, podcast host, fashion & fitness blogger and a speaker. I’ve built my life around doing the things I love and around doing them on my own time.

Before I dig into my story let me tell you why I genuinely hope that you’ll stick around to chat with me, get to know me and, hopefully, learn from me. I believe that much of my happiness is tied back to helping others. To inspiring and making a difference in the lives of those around me. With that in mind, I’m here to teach you how to live the good life. I’m going to show you how to design the lifestyle of your dreams, how to live more passionately and make a deeper impact on the lives of those around you. I’m going to help you become the best version of yourself and I’m going to help you do it in style…

You and I are probably a lot alike in that we are trying to live our life to the fullest and make money doing what we love to do at the same time.


Easier said than done though, right? Believe me. I know.

A few years ago I was sitting stagnate in a pool of uninitiated ideas wondering if I was really cut-out to be an entrepreneur after-all. It’s tough to sit there and realize that none of your ideas are moving forward. It’s even harder when you realize that you had spent years thinking you were doing all the right things to get ahead only to realize you were taking 1 step forward & 2 steps back the whole time. Here is what I mean by that…


I was a lazy kid in high school from an academics standpoint. Something I still regret to this day. I excelled in sports but never put the effort into creating a solid GPA. As a result, after graduating high school I was denied access to the ‘cool’ universities and left with a local community college. It was less than inspiring (to say the least). As a matter of fact my post high school education only lasted a month or two before I dropped out to pursue “making money”. My problem with making money, however, was that I would spend it faster than I made it.

At a pretty young age I was cursed with the desire for all things material. Something that would end up ’steering’ many of my decisions for years to come. If there was a new phone coming out… I had to have it. New Jordans? Got ‘em. In-car DVD player connected to a bangin’ audio system? Had it. Strangely enough though, I didn’t come from money, so I had to work to get the money to spend on these things. You’d think that hard work would’ve made me want to hang on to my money but it didn’t.

Despite my financial ineptitude from ages 15 to 23, I was actually quite smart. Coming out of high school my test scores would’ve granted me admission to most any college I wanted but my GPA said I was lazy and uncommitted (which was true). So post college drop-out, with my ‘intelligence’ in hand, I had set out to go make money in sales. I eventually stumbled into a job selling cars where I would stay until I was about 24-25 years old. Along the way I had purchased a couple fancy cars and other toys that made me feel cool but, ultimately, I overextended myself on them (couldn’t pay up) and had them repossessed. I destroyed my credit at an early age, which (if you know anything about credit) SUCKS! I learned the hard way about debt and living within your means and had to deal with sub par credit for the next 5 years. More over, I had to live with the shame and realization that I had been building my life and career all wrong.


Have you ever been an idiot with your money? Am I alone here?

Well, anyways, that was me. I was stumbling along in life for years thinking that making money (alone) was enough to make me happy. What I actually thought to be forward motion was (in reality) taking several steps backwards each year. It wasn’t until I started reading (a lot) that I had a shift in my mindset… Then things began to happen for me.


To be clear I was always a good reader growing up. I would have no problem reading what was required or what someone else told me I had to read. It wasn’t until I had severe financial issues that I went looking for books to read to get myself educated. One of the first books I picked up was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The over arching themes of what it meant to build a business that works for you was astounding to me. How could I have not known about this? Why don’t we read this type of stuff in school?

Once the flame for self-education was lit I just fed the fire. I read all the books that made up the Best of Business lists such as Think and Grow Rich, Good to Great and How to Win Friends and Influence People. These books would end up fueling my rapid growth and ultimately lead to discovering my BEST self.

Some of the Books That Got Me Started

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After you have the kind of epiphany that I had (after reading these books) you start to look at things a little differently. The first thing I learned in Rich Dad Poor Dad was that there are smarter ways to make money out there than just trading time for dollars. The second thing that really hit home (from Think and Grow Rich) was the idea of remaining in a positive state of consciousness and the power that your thoughts and internal dialogue have on your life. Simply put, you could, essentially, will your way into business.

I knew real estate was a great wealth building vehicle from the books I had been reading. Idecided one day that I was going to use that as my catalyst for moving onward and upward in life. I was still selling cars at the time and making (okay) money but the problem was that I hadn’t been saving any (money) and my credit was still shot. Fortunately, that didn’t seem to phase me. I ended up consuming a ton of books on investing, joined online forums to talk with people out there doing it, got my agents license and eventually dove head first into the game. Through hard work, good connections (thanks to smart networking), lucky breaks and sheer determination my wife and I started our investing business off with a bang despite our severe disadvantages. Just as I had intended, real estate investing became the major catalyst that would allow me to quit my 9 to 5 job and head out to start my first real company. The story behind this success is a great one but a long one. I’ll share it in a future blog post (so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!)


Towards the end of an investment project I had been talking to my wife about how I wanted to run a company that had a social aspect to it. I wanted hands on work with people and to build a clientele that I could interact with and feel like I was truly helping. I didn’t really know what that was but we started to brainstorm about it. In retrospect I probably would’ve done quite well (financially) sticking to JUST real estate investing but again I wanted something that had a feeling of community and I didn’t think real estate was it.

After months of research and after a few initial ideas fell through, an opportunity to start a custom menswear line in Chicago fell into our lap. We had always wanted to go live in the city (we were living in Ann Arbor, MI at the time) and we jumped at it. Not knowing what we were getting into is a large understatement but we fell, tripped, clawed and pushed our way into business. The learning curve was excruciating and expensive but a few years in, we started to figure things out. Along the way I depended (largely) on some of my best qualities and skills to keep us moving (which were networking and building relationships).


Building a business is not easy to do. For every success that you see an entrepreneur celebrating, I can guarantee you that they had two or three heart wrenching failures to go along with it. If anything in life is certain, it is that entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

I’ve fallen on my face many times but I always stand up. I ask ‘why did that happen?’ and work to get a little better and to be a little more prepared for next time. That grit and persaverance created a very solid foundation for me to find success with and once I found success I simply worked to build on it. What does it take to succeed? There is a laundry list of skills, qualities, habits and more that I think makes a great entrepreneur person. My site here will get into those in detail for you.

We built our clothing company to be a million dollar company in the span of about 4 years. Nothing happened overnight but I couldn’t be happier that it did all eventually come together. With the business humming along I was able to take some of my newly found free time and start working on other areas of my life. In 2013 I got sick of having people tell me I looked sick and should eat something. To understand you need to know I had been working 16 hour days to build our company and living mostly off of a diet of Coca-Cola and red swedish fish! I committed myself to transforming my physique in a big way. I wanted to do it quickly too so the fitness program I developed was TOUGH. Massive action = massive results. In 5 to 6 months time I was able to DRAMATICALLY alter my physique. People didn’t even recognize me and a lot of my clothing didn’t even fit anymore! That’s a problem for a fashion guy! Nevertheless, it was a side effect I was willing to live with given the result that caused it. I went from 168 lbs to 191 lbs and even dropped a percentage in body fat. It was crazy.

I also found time to really work on making the most of my marriage. My wife and I have been together for over 10 years now and she is my rock. She was there through the bad and the good and never faltered in her support. We’ve since found new and interesting ways to keep the romance alive as well as our friendship. I hope to share some of those secrets to longevity in the blog as well : )

All in all, a TON has happened in the past five years. The best part about it is that I knew I wanted to share my message with you and others eventually so I paid attention to what worked and what didn’t. Finally, now I’m looking forward to the next chapter as I get ready to share the lessons learned.



The next chapter of my life is going to be dedicated to living free and to helping others achieve that same freedom. I’m looking to build a community of amazing people who also refuse to live ordinary lives. I’ll share my journey along the way on my blog and the journey of many others on the Bespoke Life podcast. Collectively, my goal is to have this site be a central hub of continuous improvement, positivity and motivation for you. and my podcast, Bespoke Life, are my invitation to you to go behind the scenes and into my life to see how I (and some of the most amazing high performers on the planet) tick. Better yet, it’s my request to go behind the scenes of YOUR life to become your digital wingman in all things fashion, fitness and lifestyle.

In the past 5 years, I’ve quit my 9 to 5 job, I married my best friend, built a million dollar luxury menswear line, worked with amazing athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs, I’ve traveled to amazing places, made some of the most amazing friends and, now, after seeing how it all works…I made a decision to live a completely free lifestyle from here on out. A Bespoke Life (as I call it).

We are all vastly talented and it’s my goal to help you first, find the best version of you, and then put a plan in place to be that best version all the time. I want to help you create a lifestyle that allows you to do exactly what you want to be doing right now. Not 5 to 10 years from now. I want to teach you to do more with less. To travel more. To free yourself in your business and feel like you are making more of an impact. I want to help grow your network and make meaningful connections. I want you to design a life that you love and to enjoy living it to it’s fullest.

I’ll provide in-depth advice on ways to upgrade your lifestyle and embrace the idea of continuous improvement. From insights on networking and influence, to fashion and style, to fitness and health, to money and relationships. We’ll piece together a rock solid foundation and craft your own authentic style. Then we will make a plan to not just be successful but to go out and KILL IT!!!

Please join me in this journey and let’s create something amazing together!

-Josh Kercher

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Get the Lifestyle Detox Primer Course for ($97) FREE!

*7 days of video training on the little known tips & tricks that myself and the pros use to build million dollar companies*




I grew up dancing to hip-hop music and loved it. I was voted best dancer through all 4 years of high school (it was a small school though :P ).

Worst Style Decisions


JNCO jeans in elementary school (the bigger the better) and since I was a product of 90’s/2000’s hip-hop growing up I spent a whole bunch of savings on clothes from the Vokal brand…smh…thanks a lot Nelly!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure


Those little Shark fruit snacks and Australian licorice. I could eat an entire package of either of those things at any time of the day, no questions asked.

Favorite Movie


Blood Sport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. FRANK DUX!!! Next question!

Lucky to Be Here


When I was 3 years old my face was viciously attacked by a dog. After 300 stitches the doctors said I was lucky to be around and very lucky to be able to see. If you look close the bite came exactly 1cm from my eye! Ask me about it if you run into me in person and I’ll show you!

I Love Dogs


Despite my traumatic accident as a child I still love dogs. My first pet growing up was a Basset Hound named Basil and I’m now the proud daddy of a beautiful Weimaraner named Bella!

Favorite Animal


The Walrus. I had a stuffed Walrus as a baby that I still have today. I have no clue why I actually like them though.